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CRTs are really hard to find - is there another desktop solution I can use?

I have an LCD monitor - can I use it to work with 3D content?

What’s the difference between RealD Pro Eyewear and other companies’ eyewear?

What’s the difference between active eyewear and passive eyewear?

Where can I go to learn more about 3D?

How do I begin developing 3D movies?

Does RealD Pro offer any products for movie studios/post houses?

What do I need to begin viewing in 3D?

CrystalEyes Q&A

What is CrystalEyes?

What is Stereo3D?

What software applications support CrystalEyes?

What platforms does CrystalEyes work on?

Does anyone else manufacture a workstation-level product like CrystalEyes?

What are some customer applications I would recognize where CrystalEyes has been used?

How does it work?

What is dynamic range and why is it important?

Is the product compatible with NTSC, PAL or computer-generated video?

How do I contact RealD?

E-2 Emitter Q&A

What is the E-2 Emitter?

Who is E-2 for?

What's the difference between E-2 and StereoGraphics’ other emitters?

The E-2 has a wide/narrow switch. What does this do?

How do I connect E-2 to my computer?

How is E-2 turned on and off?

What graphics cards support E-2?

What software packages support E-2?

What are the key benefits of E-2?

I have an older StereoGraphics model that does not work on my new PC.

How do I contact RealD for general information?


My graphics card has a 3-pin connector - how do I get Stereo3D to work?

Is there a test program I can use to confirm proper operation of the product?

When I try to run stereo in SolidWorks, I get an error message saying my graphics board is not configured for stereo. What is going on?

Cable and Emitter Installation Q&A

I have an ESGI emitter from an older system and I am trying to attach it to an NT computer.

I have an EPRO or ELR emitter from an older system and I am trying to attach it to an NT computer.

I have to run my E2 emitter approximately 30 feet from the computer. Do you have a cable that I can use to do that?

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